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9 September 2017

My name is Daemon. I am 51, and I live in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but have lived in many places over the years from Alaska to Florida. In my travels I have worked various jobs from carriage driver to truck driver to music instrument technician and various other types of work.

Along the way I have had some adventures sea-kayaking in Alaska (and working as a kayak outfitter), back-packing (via Greyhound) across the country, going to a couple Rainbow Gatherings and going through 4 hurricanes on a sailboat in Florida.

I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. I am the oldest. Most of us play musical instruments, as well as other artistic endeavors. My youngest brother died of suicide.

I play guitar and various other musical instruments to varying degrees, tinker on various things, watch movies and documentaries and read.

I am an introspective and contemplative person, and spend a fair amount of time wondering about who we are and everything in the universe.

Some of my favorite books:
'The Ringing Cedars of Russia' (english translation), by Vladimir Megre'
'As A Man Thinketh,' by James Allan
'Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain,' by Sharon Begley
'Tao Te Ching,' by Carol Deppe

I have become increasingly aware over the years of the destruction of our planet and the unsustainable way in which we as a species are living. It has become clear to me that we must change. In some places, that change is evident, and shows some good examples of how we could live in a sustainable and healthy way, creating life by planting trees and gardens, growing food, caring for the animals, insects and all of life, and being kind and compassionate towards all living creatures, especialy each other. The ramifications of being kind to each other are far reaching and literally effect society intergenerationally.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to write.

Write down email from image if you want to send me an email. There is no link due to bots and spammers.

Non-violent thoughts are the only viable thoughts, the only viable way for peace to be achieved. Thoughts of violence lead to violence. Thoughts of hate lead to hate. Non-violence is the only effective way for finding peaceful solutions that can last, and changing the course of thought and life to Love for new generations. Violent angry thoughts, though they may seem justified in the moment, cloud our minds. They act like a drug, the drug of justification. ~ me

So long as the people are dependent on a healthy economy, they will be unhealthy. But when the economy is dependent on a healthy people, then they will be healthy. ~ me

Choose your thoughts with
wisdom, and change the world...
Yours, and theirs. ~ me

Love can only be given, never taken.
~ Many people

Love of the people,
given freely and willingly,
will heal the Earth. ~ me

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