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19 November 2023

My name is Daemon. I am 55, and I live in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I am originally from Seattle, Washington, but have lived in several places over the years from Alaska to Florida, working as a (not in order) carriage driver, truck driver, music instrument technician, computer technician, handyman (including welding), cab driver, commercial fishing, stevedore, kayak outfitter, dish washer, cook, receptionist and more. I also served in the US Army, a powerful learning experience.

Along the way I have had some adventures kayaking and camping in Prince William sound, back-packing and traveling across the country, going to a couple Rainbow Gatherings and going through 4 hurricanes on a sailboat in Florida.

I have 5 brothers and 1 sister. I am the oldest. Most of us play musical instruments, as well as other artistic endeavors. My youngest brother died of suicide in 2009. My father also died of suicide in 1991.

I play guitar and various other musical instruments to varying degrees, write, read (fiction and non-fiction), think and tinker. Sometimes I watch a movie, documentary or old serial episodes. I like science fiction mostly. Everything is food for thought.

I spend a fair amount of time wondering about who we are and everything in the universe. I contemplate the nature of truth without regard for the existence of humans. Truth exists whether or not we do. Truth waits eternally for us to discover. It will never change.


Some of my favorite books:
Ringing Cedars of Russia, by Vladimir Megre (Author's official site)

As A Man Thinketh, by James Allan (free, no registration required)

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, by Sharon Begley

Tao Te Ching, by Carol Deppe

Write down email from image if you want to send me an email. There is no link due to bots and spammers.

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