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Here you will find my thoughts in my essays, and links to information I care about, indicating what is in my heart. I am a bit peculiar in a society where most everyone's priority is money. I believe that love and a connection to nature should be the priority of every person on Earth.

Love implies various characteristics, which include empathy, compassion, kindness, tolerance, acceptance, understanding, affection and more. It is not merely a feeling, or romance. It is inclusive of all life, especially life which can love in return. Man obviously has the capacity for love, but if we are looking with wisdom and consideration, then we can see in nature where animals do sometimes express kindness and affection for each other and man.

Below, among the links, you will find a link to the essays I have shared, a link to 'The Ringing Cedars of Russia' series of books by Vladimir Megre, a good English translation and the 'Story of Stuff' website which has several short and very informative videos about the world we have created.

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